Craig Alan Anderson

At the current time Craig is starting to contemplate a new body of work. Some form of interaction between painting, silk screening, and the computer is brewing and gestating. The skateboard project is looking forward to a strong 2014 as well, with new ideas being locked in.
In 2012 Craig and his wife lost their beautiful mountain home to the High Park Fire in Northern Colorado. This was Craig's work base for all things creative and sustenance oriented. Needless to say the art archive, personal art collection, and all art making materials went up in smoke.
This website contains many images of Craig's artwork that burned in the fire.  (There are a few exceptions.) 
Thanks for taking the time to catch up with what is going on in Craig's creative world. Be well and enjoy the day!

(PS: if you're an artist please check your insurance policies to make sure you are covered appropriately for what you have in and around your home...the Anderson's were adequately protected and it made all the difference in helping to recover from such a catastrophic loss)  

Frontside slappy 2013
photo by Craig

Craig is available for artist visitations, presentations, instruction, critiques, and custom projects...